Moving On…

With all the changes in my life coming up, I’m making a fresh start with a new blog to document it.

This site will remain active for a while, but all new content will be posted at The Sun Shines Blue. I’d love it if you joined me there.

Autumn Hayride

Autumn DecorationsIs there anything more traditionally Autumn than a hayride?

Earlier this month, my family got together for a birthday celebration – one aunt turned 60 and one uncle turned 70. My cousin hosted the party at her family farm in Western Kentucky*. Her husband organized a hayride for all of us on the backroads of Marshall County at twilight.

We bundled up in hats and gloves and blankets. It was the first real cold snap of the season. Children and adults, alike, raced to the hay-laden trailer to claim their spot. We snuggled together for warmth and put the kids in the middle for safety.


Yes, on the right, that’s a dog with a bow in her hair*.

Keith - Our Hayride Driver

Keith, our trusty hayride supervisor and driver, pulled out of the driveway and we were off! My family likes to sing, so we tried to think of hayride songs (we don’t know any) and then asked the kids what they wanted to sing (one request was “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells”).

Mostly, we enjoyed each other, the crisp autumn air, and a rural Kentucky sunset.


Hayride Sunset.


Have I mentioned, lately, that I have one of the greatest families ever?

*both links are to songs. When I say those two particular phrases in my head “Western Kentucky” or “bow in her hair,” they are not so much said as sung exactly like these two songs.

CPA Update

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you’re thinking, “Please! Is she not done with that stupid certification yet?!” If you only read this blog, you might be wondering how that’s going.

Writing this post is a study procrastination.

As you may remember, I decided to study and sit for the CPA exam after a whirwind Twitter conversation one day. It makes sense. Since June, I’ve been studying.

My study tabs look like Christmas! #mushybrain #mightbelosingit

My study tabs look like Christmas!

I sat for the Business and Economic Concepts section in July and got my passing score in August.

I sat for the Auditing section in August and received a passing score for it in early September.

In October – after a week of hardcore relaxation and vacation in Mexico (which means No Studying) – I took the Regulation section of the exam. This is the one that deals with individual and corporate taxation and business law. Exciting things to study – let me tell you. I, honestly, did not expect to pass, but earlier this month I found out that I did!

Now, I’m sitting at 3 out of 4 sections passed. I have roughly two and a half weeks to finish my preparations for the final exam – Financial Accounting and Reporting. This study time includes the long Thanksgiving holiday – a time when most people enjoy fellowship with family and friends and holiday merriment. I will be locking myself in the basement with Diet Dr. Pepper, junk food and earplugs to crank out some hardcore studying. Hopefully, one of my Christmas presents this year will be a score notification with the word “PASS” on it.

That’s pretty much all that’s on my list for Santa. (Not really, potential gift givers. I still want some gifts!)