The New Dream

FDR had The New Deal. I have The New Dream.

The Old Dream wasn’t much of a dream. Instead, it was what I thought The American Dream should be. I worked hard to be (one of the) valedictorian(s) of my high school class. I earned scholarships and worked hard to earn a college degree. I pursued a career in my field, wearing suits and carrying laptops and audit cases. I bought a new car. I bought a house at the age of 24. I got married at the age of 29. I was on my way.

It’s not that I didn’t want each of these milestones to happen. I did. I wanted to be happy and successful. My problem, which I’ve talked about ad nauseum here, is that I wasn’t always happy when I was successful by the standards of the typical American Dream. I felt sort of locked down. I felt held in place by the security of having a 401(k) plan and the promise of a distant future where I would be released from a job and career that I disliked.

Now that I’ve been notified that I’ll be out of a job in the not-so-distant future, I feel pretty liberated. I feel like I’m not hog-tied to a career path that was inevitably leading to the majority of my years being spent crunching other people’s numbers. I feel like I’ve been marching down an interstate highway, passing all the familiar landmarks, but, suddenly, up ahead, there’s a bridge out over a raging river. I’m not sure that I want to swim to the other side. Maybe, instead, I could go explore the paths along the bluffs. Maybe I could take the backroads where the true beauty is (along with a couple of tacky local gift shops).

The New Dream involves some crazypants ideas. At least, they seem crazypants when you first hear it. Then, you begin thinking, and a lot of it makes sense.

We are pretty seriously considering relocating to Costa Rica. We’re looking at buying a business, working to establish residency, and following the often uneven and ever changing path along the sandy beaches of life. (Okay. I can hardly even type that with a straight face.)

Things are crazy and up in the air, right now. We’re dreaming and trying to make some plans that might make those dreams feasible. The first step is cleaning and putting our house up for sale. That’s the biggest of things locking us down in this place (a place I love with all my heart and I’m nervous-excited-scared to leave).

We are ready for a change. We have the flexibility in our lives to make a change a reality. We’re eager to see what comes.

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