Puppy Update

Remember back in March when we got this little guy?

Well, he’s not quite so small anymore.

This might be a better comparison.

Watching TV
This month, Boof will be 6 months old. He’s had his full round of vaccinations. While he LOVED going to the vet’s office every month (where he got an EZ Cheez treat), I’m happy to not have to take him so often. Last week, we weighed him in at about 40 pounds.

When we first brought him home, we thought he was the most laidback, chill, cuddly puppy ever. We wondered if maybe it was because he’d just been neutered and was still feeling some of the effects of the anesthesia. As it turns out, that’s just his personality. He is, hands down, the most lovable little guy in the world. If you are in the room with him, he wants to snuggle with you. He stays about two inches away from me when I’m walking around the house. This is sweet and endearing until one remembers that my childhood nickname was Tanglefoot. Boof and I have six feet, combined. That’s a lot of feet to tangle.

Back in March, we regularly had to carry him places because he was just always too sleepy to be trusted to follow you. He was more likely to walk halfway and then lay down for a nap. He was easy to tote around. Now, not so much. Thankfully, he’s recently mastered the trick of jumping on the bed so we don’t have to pick his lardass up onto it (not really, people tell us he’s too skinny. He’s fine.)

Finding a toy that Boof likes is easy. He loves them all. Finding one that he won’t destroy in an hour is not so easy. Anything plush is in grave danger the moment it’s placed on the floor. We don’t play tug-of-war games with him (because who wants to teach a dog that?), but his favorite toy so far is one that features a rope. He likes to let it hang out of his mouth and run sprints back and forth from the front door of the house to the back door. Sometimes, the toy drags on the ground and he trips. Those are the best.

He’s eating one two cup scoop of Innova Large Breed Puppy Food per day. As far as I know, pits aren’t really considered a “large breed,” but that is the variety his vet recommended.

He’s pretty well potty trained, but sometimes we don’t pay enough attention and he has accidents. Usually, this is because he’s waited, patiently, at the front door for a while and we didn’t notice. He won’t bark to get our attention. Other than playtime (he likes to fight with Jason’s “hand monster”), the dog just isn’t vocal. He will whine if we put him in the crate and are still in the house, but even then he will quiet down pretty quickly. Not being vocal doesn’t mean he doesn’t get his point across. A lot of the time, he sounds like a snorting pig and gives us lots of huffs and snuffs when we’re not rubbing his belly as much as he’d like (which is ALL THE TIME, PLEASE! I imagine puppies would shout if they could talk).  If you stop rubbing his belly, he will use his front paws to drag your hand back over into the optimal belly scratching position.

See? He is in seventh heaven.

All in all, he’s pretty much the best, most cutest thing ever. I’m that dog person. The one I swore I’d never be. This little guy makes it really hard to be mad at him. He’s just so darn cute, even when he’s just chewed a hole in your expensive running sock and presents it to you like a prize.

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