House Progress

You know how you watch those home makeover shows and you wonder why the people are so crazy to remodel their house for a bunch of money just to turn around and sell it? You know how you think, “Hey, idiots. Why didn’t you do that years ago so you could live there and enjoy it?”

We’re those people.

Example Number the 1: Staircase

When I bought this house in 2004, one of the top priorities was to repaint the stairs and bannister. Some previous owner thought that crackle paint was a good look. Also? There was carpet on the treads.

Every time I’d get started on the project, I’d poop out WAY before I got to the painting part. I tore out the carpet. I tore out about seven generations worth of nails, staples and carpet remnants. I cleaned. I sanded. I cleaned again. I prepped the hell out of those stairs. Then, I did nothing.

Once, a few years ago, I gave all the white parts one coat of paint. It was so terrible that I gave up. It looked like crap for a bunch of years.

Then, we decided to get our house ready to sell. It was do or die time.

I gave the white another coat. Then, I taped the hell out of it (approximately 1,000,000 hours of work).

I painted all the black portions black. The beautiful thing about black paint is that it generally only needs one coat. The dog was a helpful supervisor as he peered over my shoulder, looking for any way to dip his paws in black paint and then run around the house. Luckily, I prevented any of that nonsense.

Then, I took all that tape back off. Horror story. Dude. Don’t ever use FrogTape. It was shitty and ripped up a whole lot of the white paint – mostly the older white paint, not the fresh new coat. (So, that still needs touching up the next time I have some trim to do – scheduled for next week.)

Here’s the after. Why didn’t I do this a million years ago?

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    1. Thank you, thank you!

      I think that little piece of furniture probably isn’t the right scale for that space, but it’s what I’ve got.

  1. i think it’s fine, but i’m not great at stuff like this………i’m suprised your neighbor hasn’t taken it. i need to start putting dibs down.

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