… of the Week

[bra_dropcaps style='dropcap3']P[/bra_dropcaps]art of the new bloggy editorial calendar is a Friday post that highlights my favorite things from the past week – images, songs I heard, moments, meals of note, articles or blog posts that blew my mind etc.

I want you to play along! The best thing about the internet is sharing. Post in the comments some of your favorite things from the week or a link to your weekly roundup post. Feel free to self-promote things you are proud of creating this week, too.

Image of the Week


I decided to decorate for the holidays for the first time in 5 years – the first time since before my husband and I started dating. It was interesting to pull out all the decorations that were long squirelled away in the upstairs storage area. My taste apparently runs to the gaudy – lots of glitter, lots of oversized ornaments, etc. I mean. There are mini disco balls on my tree! There’s definitely a star theme to it all, too.

I didn’t go overboard with the decorating. My husband isn’t into the holidays very much, and I’m lazy about it! I decorated a miniature live tree and worked up this table centerpiece.

Article/Post of the Week

Lifting the Veil to Expose Insecurities @ Skinny Emmie. The blog author and I are friends, but I think that this post is really representative of her approach on life and the candidness she shares on her blog. It’s rough to put yourself out there – especially when dealing with a sensitive topic like weight, body acceptance and self esteem – but I think Emily does it in such a way that she is able to give a voice to the thoughts many people aren’t willing to share aloud.


Tweet of the Week

We are thinking of planting a small orchard at the new house. Cassie and her husband just mentioned it over on The Broken Plow, so I asked her for her resources. We’ll definitely keep this in mind since they are in our growing zone and seem to have their ish much more together than we do!