The Perfect Space for Writing

I missed yesterday’s writing challenge post because I spent the morning working on configuring the gallery wall post. Then, it was all about the football. Super Bowl Sunday is always one of my love/hate sports days. I love football, so I love the biggest game of the year, but I’m also always sad that it’s the end of a season. Now, I have to wait a long time for more football – patience has never been a virtue I can count in my arsenal.

The prompt was – Write about your ideal writing space. Where would it be? How would you furnish it? What would you surround yourself with?

I’m someone who has always searched for the right tools for writing before I feel like I can begin. I need a fresh new notebook with lines spaced just the perfect distance apart, ideally, in grid format. I need the exact right pen, and I am picky. No plain old Bic ball points. I prefer 0.5 tips that aren’t too scratchy and aren’t too smooth. Basically, I possess Goldilocks’s most annoying trait – I feel like everything must be juuuusssttt right before I can begin.

This is why I don’t write very much anymore. I put it off until it’s the right time, the right place, the right tools before I let myself indulge and then the fear of writing crap overwhelms me. I quit before I start. It’s all just a cover-up to mask my fear of failure.

Let’s do hypotheticals, here, though. If everything were aligned – I had the time, the tools, the inspiration – what would my ideal space look like?

The upstairs of our new house would be finished. It would look something like this makeover – with much more comfortable furniture:

Source: via Lydia on Pinterest


There would be lots of light from skylights. It would be a freshly painted white with accents of green and live plants that someone else would be responsible for keeping alive. There would be a reading nook full of cozy pillows and a cushy seat. There would be bookshelves crammed full. There would be a desk, I think, but I would prefer a sturdy lapdesk with my favorite notebook and a selection of pens in all colors. I think there would need to be a laptop for research purposes, but it would not allow me to waste time on Facebook or Twitter.

Source: via Lydia on Pinterest


On the walls that weren’t covered with bookshelves, there would be framed prints, eclectic in style – Rothkos and Charles Courtney Currans. There would be quotes, artistically typeset and framed. Photographs of landscapes from around the world, but especially Kentucky landscapes would also provide some inspiration.

The floor would be whitewashed, reclaimed barn wood covered with plush area rugs. I would wear slippers, often, and have a variety of throw blankets at my disposal to keep me toasty warm in the winter.

This space sounds lovely to me. I hope one day it can become a reality. In the meantime, I hope that I can continue to work to overcome my trepidation around writing.

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  1. I said this on Suby’s post, but it needs saying again here: “I do that, too, think I’d write more/better if I just had this or that “perfect” tool, and spend more time chasing the perfect set up than actually getting down to the business of writing. For me, it’s a product of fear of inadequacy.” It’s nearly universal, I think.

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