I Wanna Be A Rockstar

I’m getting back in the swing of the February blog challenge after last week threw me for a loop at work.

Today’s Prompt: Name 5 items you’d demand to have everywhere you went if you were famous enough to do so.

I wonder what I’d be famous for. Probably not being a rockstar, because I’m too old, it’s too loud and I’ve never been able to sing. However, let’s pretend I’m Beyonce (because, seriously. Who doesn’t want to be Beyonce?)

The five things I’d require -

1. Hair and Makeup on call at all times and able to make all decisions without my input and make me look fabulous. I love having my hair and makeup done, but I have no skill or eye for what looks good. I want it done for me.

2. Diet Dr. Pepper. Ice cold. Never over ice. Within arms reach.

3. Someone to rid my clothes of dog hair unobtrusively. I want to cuddle the puppy, but he sheds his white hair all over my black wardrobe.

4. A scheduler who knows that I will not miss Kentucky basketball games because my being famous requires me to be somewhere. In fact, I want a scheduler like Ashley Judd’s that gets her tickets, but I’d want mine to be to every game, home and away, behind the Kentucky bench.

5. Fresh flowers that aren’t cloying. No roses, no carnations, no mums. Lillies, lilacs, etc. It’s not something I’ll ever splurge on, but fresh flowers are nice in any room.


I had a surprisingly difficult time coming up with these things! I am constantly in a state of wanting something or other, so you’d think this would be easy!