Early Morning Waking Up

It is early morning. I barely hear the bleating of the alarm; my ears are filled with foam plugs. I am bleary-eyed, fumbling to find the snooze button and reluctant to face the oncoming sunrise as it spills through my bare bedroom window. I hear a faint snuffling and feel the press of a cold nose against my arm. That’s my real wake up call. The dog has come to cuddle before I start my day.

He wiggles his way up from the bottom of the bed where he sleeps the night through in the spot that gets maximum airflow impact from the ceiling fan. He leans into my side as I flip over to face him. He rests his face on my pillow and we look at each other through sleepy eyes. His pink tongue comes out to touch my cheek in a mini-lick. He’s still too sleepy for a full-on doggy kiss. I reciprocate the greeting with a few lazy scratches of his belly. He squirms tighter into my side. Our eyes close and we’re back to sleep.

I barely hear the bleating of the alarm. Eight minutes of more sleep. I fumble out my earplugs, my ears assaulted by the snores of my husband. I fumble once again for the snooze. This disturbs the dog and he huffs displeasure in my ear. He sighs as I give him more belly scratches.

I lie in bed, snuggled in warmth and slowly come to full consciousness. It’s time for another day, but all I want is to stay in my soft cocoon with dog breath in my hair. Before the next alarm can sound, he’s urging me out of the bed with well placed nose nudges.As usual, he knows what’s best for me and just what I need. He looks at me with sad eyes, torn between wanting to stretch out in the spot I just vacated and the need for more cuddling. I pat his head, cover him with the blanket and am on my way.


4 thoughts on “Early Morning Waking Up

    1. He really is the sweetest little guy. He started doing this morning routine a few weeks ago. When he hears that first alarm go off, he comes a’snugglin’.

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