An Ending.

One year and two days after we learned that our jobs were ending, two of my direct report employees walked out the office door for the last time. One was a 39-year employee. The other was a 9-year employee. Both were extremely valued parts of our team.

I’ve never been in a job longer than 4 years. By the time this job ends in 93 days, I will have 5-years under my belt with this company. People just don’t stay anywhere for 39 years any more.

I think it’s a shame. I think it reflects on the sad state of company loyalty on the part of the employee and valuing employees as more than just “human capital” on the part of the employer.

I have to say that this last year was a little rough on all of us. Changes came at us in what seemed like never-ending waves. You remember that time you swam out just a little farther than your mom allowed you to during summer vacation at the beach? Remember when that big wave hit and then another and then another and your 10-year old self was caught gasping for air? That’s what this year has felt like.

However, in the last two weeks or so, as my two employees’ tenure was winding down, I have to say that the company was overwhelmingly good to my little group. Those with the power to made sure that they know how much their dedication and hard work was appreciated.

It felt really good.

I have one more employee with an open-ended termination date. I insisted that mine be concrete. It’s likely that she (a 30-year employee herself) will outlast me.

I’m no longer counting down the days out of desperation, but I’m still looking forward to what is to come.