It All Starts in January

People are always saying not to wish too hard for tomorrow or you might miss the beauty of today.

That’s really hard, right? Especially when your “today” is not so beautiful.

My life since late June has been mostly work, study, sleep, repeat. Of course, I’ve tried to intersperse some fun in there. I have been reading a lot to try to counteract the boringness of accounting. I’ve tried to squeeze in some quality time with my husband and the dogs. Mainly, though, I’ve tried to remain very focused on the priorities. Priority #1 is studying. There’s not a priority #2. If I’m going to take and pass all four sections of the CPA exam in 5 months, then there’s not a lot of room for other things.

As a result of this choice to pursue certification, all my other hobbies and goals have pretty much fallen by the wayside. With the recent news that my full-time job is being extended, yet again, to the end of this year, I’ve been feeling like I’ll never get back to real life and the things I love.

Cricket Press Calendar 1/21/13

Often, I just try not to think about those things that I want to get back to doing someday. Hopefully, that “someday” comes in January, when my days are structured the way that I want them to be. Every once in a while, it is nice to do a little daydreaming about what those days will look like.

I wake up without an alarm – the sunrise streaming through the window and cuddled up with my husband and dogs. I start the coffee for my husband and prepare a nutritious breakfast. Over breakfast, I review my calendar for the day.

After breakfast, I do some light housework to keep the house fresh and clean before heading out for a run with the dog or a workout at the gym. I’d love to get back to running races and feeling strong

After a quick shower, I head to either the home office to do some client work or to a meeting with a client at my downtown office. I’m excited to build my business.

On days that I don’t have much work to do, I want to spend my time doing things I love. I’d love to unpack and organize all of my sewing equipment so that I can get back into that hobby. I’d love to be able to go eat lunch at school with my nephews, or spend the day with my mom doing something crafty. I want to set up a little nook for reading and writing to my heart’s content. I want to practice my photography on more than just my breakfast and lunch.

I want to have meals planned out to maximize our budget and really focus on our health. I want to have the time to practice becoming a better cook and making dinners that we enjoy.

I want projects big and small – from gardens to decorating the house to just having time to organize the linen closet.

You see? I want a lot, but I really think I can make it happen once I’m out on my own – doing my own thing. I’m going to have a helluva long New Year’s Resolutions list, I think.