About Lydia

I’m only half as crazy as those eyes make me look.

About Me.

I’m a woman from a small, but important, town.

I’m a woman that likes sports, raunchy jokes and beer. However, I’m also the woman that loves snuggling in bed with a good book, painting her fingernails or watching a chick flick.

I’m a woman that went to college with the dream of becoming important, a dream of majoring in English and History and doing something meaningful with my life. Somewhere along the way, a practical thought came into my head that told me I needed to choose a career that would support me in a lifestyle with which I was comfortable. I walked through the doors of the Business and Economics building and changed who I was on the outside. I graduated to become a professional, to working in the corporate world, to wishing I had time to read the books I love and write down the dreams of stories I had.

For a long time, I felt stuck. I found myself in my mid-thirties, staring down 30 more years of working for bosses, earning PTO and hoping my retirement fund didn’t tank. Then, something happened. I was notified that my position with the company would no longer exist. I was going to be out of a job.

I went through a lot of emotions, but sadness was never one of them. I got inspired. I opened my own business. I’m working to make my actual life look like the life I can see in my head.

Loves and Hates.

In my life, I’ve found happiness in creating beautiful things from fabric and thread. I try to capture my world through the lens of my camera as an incredibly amateur photographer. Recently, I’ve found a passion for health and fitness. My hard heart has been softened and captured by the sweetest dog in the world. Now, we have two dogs – Boof and Huck.

I’m a lover of good Japanese cuisine and pepperoni pizza from the local pizzeria, of beer and other people’s children. Driving Bluegrass country roads with the windows rolled down and a good song on the stereo is one of my favorite things in the whole world. I can get lost in a book for hours and hours. Bad grammar, projects around the house and cooking are some of my least favorite things. I have a tendency to be a little bit obsessive about social media and am too snippy with those I love most.


In 2009, I married a guy that I call The Husband, here. His name is Jason. We have an interesting dynamic that works, but we think most people don’t understand it. We tease each other a lot, he’s a flirt and it’s okay with me, I’m moody and he lives with that. We have hobbies – he loves kayaking and I love reading. He’s addicted to the Discovery Channel, and he says I’m addicted to the internet. I love sports, especially University of Kentucky football and basketball. He loves that sports are a good reason to party.




What do you think?